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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all of your questions about Biogime in Houston, Texas. Our skin care company is dedicated to helping you look your very best by using our high-quality products. Take a look below at some of the most common questions we are asked.

In basic terms, how does Biogime work?
Through a natural cleaning process, Biogime loosens oil and bacteria from the dermis layer of the skin. This allows impurities to be drawn to the surface and removed by a lather created during the second step in the Biogime line. The Lathering Cleanser is specifically designed to work as a removal process in the system so that your skin will be left feeling clean and fresh. Through the natural cleansing action, moisture is taken out of the skin and replaced in Step 3. The reason the Natural Conditioner is applied before the Protective Toner is to put essential vitamins and nutrients back into the skin before closing the pores. Step 4 is a toning and firming step and serves as a natural bacteriostatic to prevent impurities in the air from entering the skin. The final step is the enriched conditioner, which helps heal and soften your skin by adding Vitamins A, D, and E.

Does Biogime work for acne scars, age spots, and uneven skin tone?
Yes. Biogime helps to force a natural exfoliation, which occurs approximately every 22 to 28 days. This is why you will see a gradual, month-by-month improvement with these problems. The longer you use Biogime, the greater the results.

Are animal products or hormones used in the Biogime System?
Biogime does not use any animal ingredients or hormones in any of their products. All ingredients are derived from plant and vitamin sources, and we do not use petroleum derivatives, mineral oil, PABA, collagen, elastin, or alcohol. Look for ads in Animals' Voice Magazine™ and our listing in the cruelty-free index.

I have heard that many women are able to go without using makeup after using Biogime. Is this true?
It is true. Women are very excited to finally have the option to go with or without makeup. Through the exfoliation process and the retention of natural vitamins, Biogime leaves the mantle of the skin with a fresh, rosy glow. In most cases, this allows you to go without foundation or blush. If you choose to wear makeup, we do suggest products without mineral oil or synthetic ingredients. Remember, mineral oil lays on the surface of the skin and does not penetrate, thus clogging the process and inhibiting the skin's natural cleansing process.

My skin is very sensitive and I have had difficulty finding skin care products that agree with me. Will Biogime?
is a pure plant and vitamin derived product and is designed especially for those with sensitive skin care needs. As mentioned previously, we use no synthetic ingredients, perfumes, alcohol, PABA, collagen, elastin, or petroleum derivatives. We are confident that our skin care system will work for you.

I am in my 40s and have noticed the lines around my eyes and mouth are becoming more noticeable. What do you suggest?
Step 5 in the Biogime System implements higher doses of natural vitamins. These vitamins and healing agents give the skin added nourishment and protection against fine lines. If you have deep lines or sun-damaged skin and want to see even faster results, you may want to try our Skin Perfection with Retinol Palmitate.

My teenager is only 14 and beginning to get breakouts. Is he/she too young for the Biogime System?
No, it is never too early to start teens on a good skin care routine, and it can help keep a minor problem from getting worse. There are different steps a teen with problem skin may take to see more rapid results with these products. We do recommend a personal or phone consultation prior to buying Biogime.

I have severe acne. How can Biogime work for me?
Approximately 75% of all acne problems are due to stress or an imbalance of hormones. Depending on what is causing your acne, there are different degrees of success. The use of the 2 cleansers together is very helpful for the acne sufferer; additionally, the toner serves as a bacteriostatic, and the conditioners have a high amount of natural vitamins that aid in the healing process. The gentle facial buff used with the Refining Sea Mud or the Re-hydrating Masque is also very helpful in cleaning acne-prone skin.

I am a black woman and my skin tends to be extra sensitive. Is the Biogime System right for me?
Biogime is an excellent skin care system for all ages and skin types. We have thousands of satisfied customers all over the U.S. and Canada who love the results they are seeing with our products.

Can I still use Retin-A with the Biogime System?
There is no problem using Retin-A with Biogime and, because Biogime is so natural and gentle, it may be one of the best skin care lines you can use along with Retin-A. Please check with your dermatologist or one of our skin care specialists on when to use your Retin-A in the 5-step line.

How long with the Biogime 6-oz. kit last?
The Biogime 6-oz. kit is a 4- to 6-month supply; however, depending on your particular skin type, you will go through the 5 steps differently. On certain skin types, some of the steps will last much longer than 6 months, and all of the steps can be purchased individually.

I understand you have an unconditional guarantee. How does it work?
is backed by a 90-day unconditional guarantee on your initial purchase. The reason for this is because we want you to give Biogime a chance to work for you. Expecting a miracle in 2 or 3 weeks is not what will get you the results you're looking for and the beautiful skin you've been hoping for. If Biogime doesn't do for you what you expect it to, simply return the 6-oz. kit along with the receipt as proof of purchase, and your money will be cheerfully refunded.

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